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Thank you to whoever gave me one years premium membership on dA, much appreciated!!
Prints are now available for £10

Price includes a Print (A3 -297 × 420mm- 160GSM, matte), a shipping tube, and the cost of shipping.)

All payment is handled through paypal, note be with your email and what would would like and I'll send an invoice through paypal

Almost every single piece of available for print, If a piece if unavailable I will inform you upon request.

Custom print sizes (larger than A3) are also available on most pieces, note me which size you would like and I'll give you a price.
EDIT: I ended up getting the "Noble Amassment of Hats"

"Best Use of the Time-worn Maxim "Sex Sells"
"Best Attempts at Authentic WWII-Era Propaganda"…

I wonder what happens when two prizes are crafted....
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Well a few days ago it was official, I've been on here for 7 years, which is a slightly depressing thought.

Heres to 7 years anyway.
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First of all thanks for the Daily Deviation, bit of a surprise when I logged on and found 1,000+ new msgs! Oh and thanks for the comments and favs I'll try and go through them and answer any questions.

A few new pieces and ideas in the works. Closest to completion is a Christmas commission I was asked to do. So look out for that in the next few days. The rest are still in the sketching stage.

A lot of people have been asking about the next TF2 pin up, yes It has been ages, for a while I was preoccupied with real life affairs, and now I'd rather finish some of the ideas I have before starting something new. The next one is the medic and will get done once I find some time for it.

Oh and I've started selling prints see… for details.
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They are finally here see… for details
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Been a while since my last entry, 1st thanks for the fav and watches soz I don't get much time to thank everyone individually, I'm working full time at a very VERY tiering job which means I get little time to draw now a days. But I have managed to find a few hours to do some new work currently I'm working on something for the prince of persia dA contest, and the next tf2 pic which is the engy.
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....Yep that's pretty much what I'm doing art wise since my computer decided to die on me over the weekend, so it will be a while before anything new even gets worked on let alone uploaded on dA

Also the joys of typing out everything on my ps3's web browser. Urgh.
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No, I hav'nt gone anywhere

Yes, I am really shitty with replys/thanking

Yes, I do appricate (a lot) all the comments/favs. (seriously I do)

No, there hasnt been anything in a while. (ekk almost a month)

Yes, you can expect something soon, next few days, it's the next Team Fortress 2 pic the pyro.

Yes, you can have a preview…

No, my spelling/grammer is still shitty.

Oh and Yes, yes I am open for commissions!!
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Damm you Metal Gear Online, its stealing my time! Well work is trickling out over the past few months, I still have to get the hang on painting well quickly.

I'm currently working on a mates wow character and its coming along fine, just fine (and inbetween, the next zombie pic.)

I've been putting off commisions for a while now but fuck it now is as good a time as ever.
To start things off theres just 1 slot, and priced at around £60, but the price will largly depend on the complexity of the piece. Can't think of anything off the top of my head that I wont paint....Ask me and find out I guess.

Either send me a note or Email me.

Now back to MGO because it seems like someones found me hiding in a cardboard box..bugger.
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Well I've learned my lesson. ALWAYS TAG IMAGES! My zombie pics have been doing the round on the interwebs this morning which was quite a surprise. So for anyone who managed to find this page, Yes there will be more.

I wasnt planning on posting this untill a few where done but there will be prints of them available, Once I get say....5 done I'll post up sizes prices and the likes.…

EDIT: apparently no one watchs south park..If uve seen it ud get the joke about "japanse puke porn".
Last entry was in 2005 !! I've been sketching and doodling the past 2 years.  I've decided to get the ol deviant art scissors out and delete some older artwork, So right click and save anything you like since a lot of it is going (especially that samus pic!) Also I'm going to start taking commisions, I havnt figured out the pricing but if anyones intrested in having me draw something for them let me know and I'll keep you posted.

anddddd finally this is what im currently doing! (the final version will be colour)…
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Wooo 1,000 page views.!!!

It's been quite hectic latley dispite what certain folk from digital animation say, we do get loads of work, Atm I have an essay to do, Group project, 2 individual projects and professional studies so they really do pile on the work. Christmas is literally round the corner, but just havnt realised it, wayyy too much going on, I'll proberly wake up one day and its Christmas day and think "Wtf when did this happen?!?!".

My mates birthday is soon, thursday actually so have been working on a painting for her on top of everything else, its going well, juuuuuuuuuuuust got to put the wings on :D. Also been trying to sort out some work experience, looking for companies etc, its kind of a daunting task, What if they dont like me?, what if i F*** up in the interview etc etc questions arise argh. But then again thats why we have professional development :)

Off to london Today lol, was going to put tomorrow but just looked at the time, hehe. Visting a shop for out illustration project then just hang out. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun. :D

Anyway off to bed sleepy.
Went over my gallery and theres way too many photos:S Need to do some more drawings :S
Wooo 500 views *throws party*!!!
Came home from Uni, the other day, glad to be back home, although I have a massive project to do :( And all i've been doing is playing counter strike ekkkk.
I signed up for this thing ages ago but never really used it. So I though one day that its a bit of a waste and decided that I'm going to stick a bunch of pretty pictures on here. Enjoy!!
YAY my first journal entry